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We look to build on land with planning permission already granted, or convert offices to residential as they currently fall under permitted development. This way, there are less risks involved when working on the project.

Single Lets

These are properties that we own. Single Lets in general are properties of which families rent out the property.

Multi Lets or HMO's
(Houses of Multiple Occupancy)

These again are properties of which we own, but rent out the rooms instead of the whole property. We generally furnish all of the property and pay for the bills, including broadband, fuel, insurance etc. These are normally good for students or working professionals.

Assisted Sales

This is a service where a sale price is agreed, we then add real value to the property to maximise the sale price. Once the works are complete, and the sale of the property has completed, the profits from the sale would then be split between the vendor and LANDS Property.

Lease Options

These are ideal where circumstances are different to a normal situation. When people are faced with a bereavement, negative equity, repossession or have become an ‘accidental landlord’, we often offer the asking price, sometimes more. We then urge the vendor to raise any questions they may have with a solicitor. This way, we are confident that you are given the correct answers from a legal stand point, and both the vendor as well as ourselves are completely happy with the agreement. Once this has taken place, a contract is made via the solicitor.


About Us

LANDS Property is a family run business based in Kent.

Our mission is to work ourselves into a position where we can help vulnerable people who have no fixed abode.
We aim to give them a stepping-stone onto the life ladder, which will give them a temporary address and enable them to get a bank account and then a job. We want to help them on the correct path to a better life.

We want to work with councils and local businesses to offer the best chance, move forward, and take each step as it comes.

We are in the business of helping people, we do this by managing projects, creating homes and solving people’s property problems.

If you would like to help us achieve our goals, get your money working for you and complete our mission, we would love to be in contact with you.


Work With Us

When working with our investors, we aim to get their money working for them and not the other way around.

Helping people is top of our list, whether we're helping investors get value from their money or homeowners who have found themselves in a difficult situation like repossessions, negative equity or a bereavement. We give everyone 100% when building the relationship, ensuring that we are not only professional but trustworthy and someone you can rely upon.

If you are looking for property to get the most out of your money, but without the hassle of dealing with tenants, builders or things going wrong, then we can help.

To find out more, contact us via our ‘contact us’ form and one of our team will get back to you as soon as we can.

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